Solarpunk Surf Club is an artist collective that creates and curates egalitarian platforms for surfing the waves of still-possible worlds.

Contact: solarpunksurfclub[at]gmail[dot]com


Solarpunk Futures
Artist's game

Solarpunk Futures is is an artist’s game for collaborative utopian visioning, working in (and against) the conventions of tabletop role-playing whereby players use backcasting and modified consensus to collectively ‘remember’ the stories of how their ancestors built a social ecological utopia.
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Græn R∞m
Domestic environment and biblio-installation

Græn R∞m is a public living room for utopian (re)creation. Guests are invited to read, rest, play, and socialize in a cozy, communal environment.

The project takes its name from three different concepts of ‘the green room.’

  1. In theater, music, and entertainment: a space to relax and socialize backstage; a room for artists and guests to prepare before, and retire after, a performance.
  2. In the White House: a decorated state parlor used for intimate receptions and tea ceremonies.
  3. In surfing parlance: the sublime yet precarious space inside the barrel of a breaking wave.


2022 Future Places, Susquehanna Art Museum, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
2022 TMA Contemporary, Trout Museum of Art, Appleton, Wisconsin
2022 The Nature of the Future, Leu Art Gallery, Nashville, Tennessee
2022 Printmaking: A Social Practice (Juried by Tyanna Buie), SGC International, Madison, Wisconsin
2021 Homecoming, Art Lofts Gallery, UW–Madison, Madison, Wisconsin
2020 Græn R∞m, Diane Endres Ballweg Gallery, Madison Public Library, Madison, Wisconsin


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